Cyril Squirrel
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Cyril The Squirrel and The Ghost

Cyril The Squirrel and The Ghost

Cyril and his friends go into the woods to play, but as they get deeper amongst the trees Bertie, the badger, starts to feel uneasy. The thickness of the trees and their branches make the day seem darker, much darker. To make matters worse, there is a 'WooOOoo' sound and a white shape in a tree comes straight for Bertie. The result is total confusion with Bertie trying to fight the shape off him. The others try to help and at the same time tell him that it is really a white sheet, but to no avail.

When a large mother rabbit arrives to get her sheet  back Bertie realises what he had been trying to fight off. The friends feel chastened as she chastises them.

The moral of the story is that if something seems difficult or frightening, try not to panic for things are often not as bad as they at first seem.


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