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News from Woodley


Extracts from Woodley Daily News


Pupils of Woodley Village School were gathered together in their school hall yesterday for the annual Pupil of the Year award ceremony. The award brings with it a prize of a small silver cup awarded to a pupil who has shown hard work and effort throughout the school year. This year’s winner was Leapy Frog of Pond Side, Woodley. After the ceremony, Leapy’s Teacher, Anne Otter, said, “Leapy thoroughly deserves this. He’s always been a hard worker for as long as I’ve known him, even when he finds something is difficult.”


It has been announced at a meeting of Woodley Village Council that owing to the great success and popularity of the Fair on Woodley Village Green last summer the event will take place again this year.

“After the Fair had finished last year,” said Councillor H. Hogg, “we asked at the houses around the Green and in the surrounding areas how everyone felt about it coming back and we didn’t receive any objections. Arrangements have therefore been made for it to come back in the summer.”

Shops in the village welcomed the news saying it would be good for business. The decision should also prove popular with youngsters.


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