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Cyril’s Website.


Cyril Squirrel’s website is designed to be fun for children whilst also providing educational value by enabling them to browse a website in a safe setting.

The Cyril Squirrel stories each carry a simple moral relevant to the age group, principally national Curriculum Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7) but they have also proved relevant and popular with children in Key Stage 2 up to 8/9 years and those in the Foundation Stage (ages 3-5).

Some stories are also written in the form of ‘Singthings’ for schools and children’s organisations. A ‘Singthing’ is a children’s play with songs, normally four, i.e. the title or theme song plus three others, which are intended to be interactive with the children joining in the singing at specific points, some actions and in a school situation with simple percussion instruments. The related ‘Singthings’ carry the same moral as the story and are targeted at National Curriculum Key Stage 1 Music and English. New stories and ‘Singthings’ are added to this website periodically.


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