Cyril Squirrel
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About Us

cyril Hello everyone,
I’m Cyril Squirrel and I live with my Mum and Dad in a drey, the name given to a squirrel’s home, in woods in the village of Woodley. I am lucky and have some good friends.

Cindy Cat, who is a Siamese kitten, is my best friend and I see her on most days. She is clever and is often the one who is first to see how to do something that is difficult.


Bertie is a badger and a good friend, but he does worry a lot. He worries about many things that I and my other friends do not. Someday, however, he could have a good reason for worrying and save us from something nasty.

Freddie Ferret is short tongued which means he cannot say the letter ‘R’ correctly. He cannot help it and we take no notice of it but it sometimes sounds so funny that Freddie himself joins in the laughter.


Leapy Leapy Frog appears to be slow to work things out but he always tries his very best at anything he does, at school, at home and when playing. Because of that he usually does much better than is expected of him.

We hope you will continue to read the stories that are written about our many adventures in Woodley Village Woods and beyond. We show below a picture of us setting off for the woods on one of our adventures.





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